You, our guests, are family. Keeping you safe and healthy during this unprecedented time is our top priority!


  1. Sanitize/disinfect everything that is touched by customers and our staff 

  2. Increased daily cleaning measures throughout restaurant

  3. Required hand washing and sanitizing by staff 

  4. Hands free door openers and Xcel air dryers in restrooms

  5. Salt, pepper & condiments available by request only

  6. Social distanced tables 6-ft apart

  7. No more than 6 people to a table/no pushing tables together

  8. No more than 50% capacity 

  9. Masks worn by all staff members and patrons while not seated

  10. Multiple hand sanitizer stations available for patrons use



Reservations to dine on our patio or in restaurant are highly encourage by calling 651-222-2435. We have two phone lines to ensure you speak with a friendly staff member as quickly as possible. Making a reservation ensures we have a table ready for you when you arrive.


We also realize you may make a last minute decision to stop by. Walk-ins are welcome and will be first come, first serve based on our COVID-19 restricted capacity.


In June 2020 Joseph's Grill was the first restaurant in Minnesota to feature ISO-Aire - a proven, medical-grade, clean air system that was developed by Ducts & Cleats, a neighborhood business.


This highly effective filtration solution was developed for the Mayo Clinic, in response to COVID-19 , and then adapted for commercial use. It cleans and improves indoor air by removing and destroying potentially dangerous contaminants and airborne particulates from viruses like COVID-19, bacteria, mold, and pollen.


Our three ISO-Aire units feature powerful, reliable, and proven healthcare-grade components, including a HEPA filter and UVC sterilization, to capture 99.99% of potentially harmful particles.

“This safeguard is a win-win for us and our neighborhood,” explained Joe Nasseff, Joseph’s Grill owner. “We will do whatever it takes to ensure the safety of our customers and employees who are family to us.”


With COVID-19 we understand our patrons have different comfort levels with restaurant dining. To meet these needs we now have multiple dining options so you can enjoy the Joseph's Grill food you love. We appreciate your business and want to serve you in a way that makes you feel most comfortable.


For the safety of all our guests we ask that our patrons wear masks when not seated.

Starting  Saturday, November 21, 2020, per Governor's orders,  we are transitioning to take out and curbside pick up orders only.

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